An Introduction

My name is Caitlin Rose, I am a freelance Jewelry Designer based in Cologne, Germany. I strive to bring together unique designs based in floral and Art Nouveau styles to construct exclusive jewelry made in the heart of Europe. Using my unique jewelry and art experience, I focus on creating jewelry that is the symbiosis of my passions for water colour painting and metal working. I use traditional techniques that I have learned over the years in jewelry making to bring to life my creative designs. In an effort to reduce my ecological footprint, I practice using environmentally friendly organic compounds for my patinas. In addition, to recycled and low waste packaging for shipping.

If you would like to learn more about my past jewelry designing experience please visit my about page for more details. And if you are interested in a custom, unique jewelry pieces that captures your individual ideas send me an email: If you are interested in any of the designs I have posted on my instagram, then check out my Etsy store page for more information or come and visit in person at my store. Located on Körnerstraße 77-79, 50823 Köln, Germany.

Caring for Jewelry

Important Jewelry Tips

To maintain and preserve your Pieces

Keep Away from Water

While you would think that showering with a gold necklace is fine, it is just good common practice to take off ALL jewelry when getting in water (except small earrings).

Remove your Jewelry Regularly

Most damage is done while sleeping and exercising with pieces on. Not to mention, when it comes to neckwear you sweat on it, add perfume, hairspray, lotion etc.

Do not Wear Rings while Cooking

Believe it or not, even cooking is a bad practice for wearing rings. Not to sound gross, but you won’t believe the build up that can occur under or inside a band (unless it is simple wedding band). In addition, it dirties your stones and makes them appear dull and not as sparkly.

Store out of Direct Sunlight

Keep your pieces in a dark space and not loose on window sills. For one reason, they can easily be lost, or worse the very powerful sun light can actually damage you stones.

Professionally Clean your Pieces

Consider going to a local store (jeweler) that usual does it complimentary. The main reason is that common products may have abrasive materials in it that can scratch your metal or stones! Chemicals can also damage your stones if they are poureous or have surface reaching fractures (cracks) e.g. Opal, Emerald, Sapphire/Ruby.

Cleaning at Home

Use a polishing cloth that can easily clean silver, gold and stones. The polishing cloth will make your metal appear cleaner and shinny. For your stones, a soft old toothbrush and water, don’t even bother with soap, the brush will clear away "build-up". Never use tooth paste, it is an abrasive material and can severely damage your jewelry.