About Me

Caitlin Rose Jewelry Designer

An Introduction

As a Canadian growing up in a land of abundant natural beauty, I have always felt inspired by mother-nature. However, in opposition to that, I was also growing up in a land where almost everything was new, factory made, and fast paced. Fortunately, at a young age, I was privileged to travel with my family to Europe. There, I saw a juxtaposition to my modern life. I was introduced to, and developed a life-long appreciation for handmade, vintage and antique things that often become forgotten in our modern world. This love deepened when I started my career in jewelry making and began working as a designer.

I studied Jewelry Art and Design in Vancouver to pursue my career in design and jewelry making, during this time I also became a certified Gemmologist with the Canadian Gemmological Association. While my main expertise is in jewelry design I have since taken a strong interest in water-colour painting.

I had a sudden realization when it occurred to me that I could combine my two passions. This led me to start the production of handmade, unique and wearable art that is a profound reflection and expression of my deeply held values. My art jewelry captures the beauty and importance of nature in our everyday lives. I love using patinas to make an old and worn finish that expresses and captures the feeling of the hand of time. I am very proud to mention that I am not using commercial instant chemicals, but rather make my patinas using organic materials.

I use copper in my pieces as the application of acids causes each piece to reveal its own unexpected and unique colours. In turn, I let this natural expression emerge and guide my artistic choices. As I hand forge and assemble each piece, I leave hammer marks and surface blemishes that often are polished out because I want the value and authenticity of a handmade, one-of-a kind piece to be apparent.

I have come abroad to Europe to perfect and learn old techniques in metalworking and be immersed in an art history rich location. I am greatly inspired by specific art movements in jewelry, more so than specific artists. I have a particular passion for Edwardian, Victorian and Art Nouveau jewelry, with its graceful representation of nature, and attention to fine intricate details. Like many striving artists I desire, above all, to make a living from my creativity. As creativity should not be avoided, but rather, embraced.